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Brettell Developments, has operated in Australia and New Zealand since 1968. A very successful property and construction company specialising in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Brettell Developments:
• Successfully adds value to traditional homes throughout the country.
• Has built a reputation for high quality renovations, rebuilds and constructing buildings, on time and at competitive prices.
• Caters for all types of building work including commercial, industrial, community, new construction and refurbishment, interior fitouts and small works.
• Has the resources and expertise to undertake a wide mix of construction projects.
• Is a firm promoter of the approach that provides for its involvement as a member of the wider project team at an early stage in the development.

Modern construction practices require high standards of management, technical competence and leadership to deliver successful projects. Our staff are well trained and hard working people who enjoy the challenges that construction & building provides.

With over 300 projects successfully completed, Brettell Developments has a wide range of experience in all sectors of the building and construction industry.